The colloquium series will present novel developments in the field of designer quantum materials realized through atomic manipulation with scanning probe techniques or by clever bottom-up strategies

This Colloquium series will start on February 14th 2022, and run once every two weeks. Attendance is open to everyone, separate registration is not needed. The colloquium email list can be joined here, and the colloquium can be joined in this Zoom link.

Schedule spring 2022
– Leo Gross, February 14th
– Abhay Pasupathy, February 28th
– Ilija Zeljkovic, March 14th
– Jennifer Hoffman, March 28th
– Pavel Jelinek, April 11th
– Raquel Queiroz, April 25th
– Philip Willke, May 9th
– Roser Valentí, May 23rd
– Paolo Sessi, June 7th


Leo Gross

IBM Research, Switzerland

Selective reactions between constitutional isomers by tip-induced chemistry

February 14th, 17:00 CET

Abhay Pasupathy

Columbia University, US

Quantum phenomena at 2D interfaces

February 28th, 15:00 CET

Video recording

Ilija Zeljkovic

Boston College, US

Nanoscale imaging of symmetry-broken electronic phases in kagome metals AV3Sb5

March 14th, 17:00 CET

Video recording

Jennifer Hoffman

Harvard University, US

Simulating quantum materials with acoustic metamaterials

March 28th, 17:00 CEST

Recording available from the organizers

Pavel Jelinek

Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

1D molecular chains with ‘exotic’ quantum properties

April 11th, 10:00 CEST

Video recording

Raquel Queiroz

Columbia University, US

Impurity ring states in topological materials

April 25th, 17:00 CEST

Recording available from the organizers

Philip Willke

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Single spin resonance of individual atoms and molecules on a surface.

May 9th, 15:00 CEST

Video recording

Roser Valentí

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany

Strategies to design quantum materials with exotic properties

May 23rd, 10:00 CEST

Paolo Sessi

MPI, Germany


June 7th, 10:00 CEST